Tension resists earths forces but Relaxation maximizes earths sources!!

In our world today it is very hard to say relax and understand the true facts!! To release tension, I need to mention, it is a mental state that we should regulate often to soften our bodies and loosen our mind to live and be stress free!!

As a martial artist I have learned to maximize my might I must stop the fight!! I am refereeing to the interruption of gravity, and to use it to actually add power to move and achieve the goal that I behold!!

Tension is the most depleting process that is mostly engaged from misconceptions and skewed perceptions!! It is evoked from our mind and it distorts our physical side!!  It struggles against gravity and hampers our free flowing energy!! Relaxation is the key and chi that will free your body and allow it to be inline all the time!!

Gravity is a natural force on earth and effects every step and every breath we take!!  It actually provides resistance and assistance, opposite actions that depending on how we manage, controls our balance!! Like yin and yang or magnetic force where opposites are the source of attraction or the force of repelling action, we must understand how the physics flow to gain the maximum go!!

If we spend more time fighting the forces of nature we will tire and expire our energy rapidly!! This seems natural actually because the effort required makes us work and perspire so the endorphins release and provides the desired effect that makes us feel satisfied and set!!  But if we use the forces to be and then collaborate and proceed with their intended direction and lead, than  we can ride their force as we go further on course, use less resource,  and maximize our effect without an overworked attempt!! Most importantly, we can do so much more indeed, to and live a fuller life because of this energy efficiency!!