1. Snap Power

From the recording Snap Power


Snap power is timing which reflects our body and mind alignment!!

Snap power is the means that can achieve effortless waves of force that are the source of energies converging on a defined course with exact timing and aligning!!

I call it the flip of the hips  for full power snap assist!! Like the excitement of sleight of wrist in a magic trick this snap power can be a fascinating incredible whip and wower!!

The tail of the dog is a true definition and call of this snap power all!!  A big dogs tail which hangs and wags  but feels so light and appears to have no might!! But some can sting with some ring as you may have  felt the effects of its fling!!

A towel is a perfect example of how snap power can  make us say wow!!  The towel very soft and not much weight to the touch but can sting so much when we lunge it forward and suddenly change direction by pulling back it gives an incredible snap whack!!

Another example of  softness with the proper timed  taughtness can become power which appears thoughtless!! I call this effortless power that is such an effective wower!! Imagine the results if we learn to use our bodies with similar snapping jolts!!  

The snap power is created by a change in direction with timed intentions!! The quicker the change and the more mass of our bodies we can arrange  the more power the snap will obtain!! I will mention Any resistance or tension in either direction  on the travel path can inhibit the extension as it will  temper the snap and lose its dynamic smack!!

Snap Power is the heart of an effective energy management part to gain our bodies full range  we must start without being plagued by wasted or tensed action parts!!  If you can stay on an effortless strait path you can accomplish more tasks while conserving your energy to last because you are only applying it's full impact for an extremely short course which therefore can create devastating force!!

Your body has to be able to twist and assist to achieve full maximum lift like a snapping whip!! So to gain maximum results your body needs to work together on this focused endeavor!!

Snap power needs to be on a short path to be achieved. The longer the path the greater the chance our muscles will tense to avoid gravity from changing their direction  and therefore temper our effects and inhibit the full  proper snap power sequence set!!

Snap power to me is the perfect training seed indeed to teach us to believe how effective results can be achieved with minimal strength muscle needs just convergence  of the mind and body theme!!  This can fulfill the dream to accomplish the most we can in our life without any struggle or fight just minimal energy engagement that can provide maximum results in our life's arrangement!!