Share your time and preserve your mind!!

It is definitely a challenge to balance your self  when you disagree with someone else!! To engage in a disagreement is to me nothing but a waste of time that could be used better on your own ride!!  

People are very charged today to show and promote their way!! They can sometimes get caught in their own flight and just want to be right!! We  can all quickly lose sight and get caught in a fight so let me shed some light!!

Though we all have our own opinions and thoughts we ought to be humble enough not to get caught in a struggle or tumble of stuff, to defend our  point and disregard another's is a distraction that can really gain no satisfaction!!

Of course we should never be forced to endorse something we don't believe but to challenge it could upset our life's balance and disrupt our dream!! Reasonable people can disagree but only through  understanding and respect is the way to manage that effect!!

Freedom is our ability to keep rolling without interruption even at strained junctions!!
Tension is tight thats a fight or struggle that doesn't achieve our goals but instead defeats or role to be happy and free and it interrupts our dreams!!

To be offended or discouraged and therefore unnourished  by another's actions or words can interrupt our dream; but to allow them to be heard and quickly adjourned is your ability to roll free and live lean!!  You can listen to another's needs to feed themselves means but you don't have to absorb it or adorn it.  You  can avoid stress by hearing someone out and acknowledging what comes from their mouth!! But the true ability to acknowledge  their issue and respect them, and embrace what you will and roll on to your fill that's the drill to not let your time spill and keep your mind chilled!!