From the recording Respect Is The Effect


Respect the most important effect we can present!!

Respect is the effect that enables us to appreciate our life and all others!! From accomplishments , effort, creativity to  all of mother natures wonders!!

Respect is a welcoming gesture that can instantly invite others to extend their hand and soften their stand!!  Respect can diffuse tension and lighten almost any situation to make it a more comfortable arrangement!!

Even in the face of a challenge or adversity we should strive to rise up above the rest and maintain our best!! My father always told me you can accomplish more with a smile on your face  than you can with an offensive state!!

Avoiding a confrontation is really an aspiration to preserve our energy, and keep our bodies stress free!! This reminds me of an important saying I have heard by one of the most respected martial artists in his words: the art of fighting without fighting!! How enlightening this can be!! Rise above it all and never take. a fall!! Use your knowledge to maintain a code of ethics that are never threatened or compromised even in the toughest of times!!

The more respect I  can show the more positive my life can go!! Give what you desire to receive and you can reduce struggles that cause you to juggle emotions and suffer commotions!! True freedom rides through our entire body and mind when we treat all with kind respect and accept in some aspect their way even if we totally disagree we are still free because we are not inhibited or distracted by another's action or reaction just focused on our goals and passions  and keep rolling to our own satisfaction!!