From the recording Physical Expressions


Physical expressions can project and affect  our minds intentions!!

Sometimes We can all find ourselves in a mind clutter and trance that can really affect our life's thunder and stance!! The smallest of things can put a stinger in our mind and linger relentlessly through our time!!  

Physical expressions can relieve what can become mind obsessions indeed!!  Consider our mind as a kind of tank that holds and grinds our thoughts and can fold when caught on an overload of these lingering thoughts!! We must find a way to channel this mind clutter away!! Physical expressions are the lesson to get rid of what can become this emotional obsessing!!

If we engage our physical side and release our endorphins it can tire our body and mind and help ease our time that may be wrestling or stressing and caught in this trance or thought obsession!!

In fact If you are using your mind side while executing an exercise or technique ride than I call it a practicing kind!!  But If you execute a move without thinking and  just groove than you are physically in tune and expressing yourself through instinct not mood!!
Your execution becomes an extension of your mind and will channel any thought successions and nagging tensions away from your insides so your ride can be more of a positive kind!!

I also believe we can relive this mind funk and useless clutter junk, by using our force as a source  to create a physical explosion course that will erode negativity by actually transferring this hot energy from our bodies synergy into an absorbing surface that reacts to our energy attack with a measurable track!! Obviously this needs to be a surface that was carefully designed for a hitting purpose!!

That's why I believe martial arts indeed are the smarts we need to achieve the lead of how to process an energy overload and feed!!

We should meditate and learn to empty our mind so we can function freely without mental limitations distorting our insides and jamming our energy ride!!