From the recording Our Warrior To Be...


Our Warrior To Be!!

We all have a warrior to be inside of our mind and body indeed!! There lies an indomitable force that can  keep our lives on course but we must recognize and maintain this incredible source!! Though often hidden and unrecognized this Warrior inside can be our life's ultimate guide!!

Too many times we all get sidelined with the issues of modern mankind!! When we can see beyond the surface and  more into our life's purpose we can than put into perspective a more selective direction that is more of our core objectives!! We need to define these goals and let them linger constantly in our souls!!

To see a dog be happy for the smallest of finds can really make me question any of mankind's elaborate  designs!! My notion is to use technology to compliment my life but not make the man, instead help take the man to another view while not letting it skew his vision just help him accomplish his mission!!

We all have fire and desire in our composure and we must ignite the spark to get it out of the dark!! If we can recognize our passions we can live our life in a truly exciting fashion!! This is the most motivating  factor to me in finding my warrior to be!! The determination from my warrior side can focus my mind and insure I stay inline and keep me persistent all the time!!  It is a constant challenge to maintain this in balance!! So keep an alliance without any defiance to your warrior to be and you will succeed and be able to live your wildest dreams indeed!!