From the recording Live to Learn & Learn to Live


Live To Learn and Learn To Live!!

Humility to me is the trait we need and how to be to live internally free. Keep our eyes open so our mind can remain potent and constantly evoking our thoughts and stoking our all!! Being the best we can is our goal but understanding we are always a student is our role!! What I mean is we can always learn by letting others be heard!! As we listen it is our part to know what we should put in our heart and what we should not take part!! Our knowledge  should guide us on what to endure and what to ignore!!

I live to learn and learn to live, staying constantly challenged, as it inspires my quest for balance!! My journey constantly appealing to my senses, while not riding any fences, just staying on course with managed force!!

Admiration, respect, and gratitude are always present from me towards others as I clearly see their style and demeanor as something I can reject or accept without any offensive objections and therefore no uncomfortable confrontations just realizations and hopefully internal elations!!  I can admire their desire to share their fire and urge to inspire!!  This  humility to me is the way to be to succeed towards my dreams and remain eternally free!!

To know your strengths  and limitations is an obligation that will prevent hesitation and help guide you towards your destination!! Knowing yourself will preserve your time because you know what you will find that is always in your mind!!

Our Confidence should maintain  an internal presence in our lives but never be an overstated hindrance that propels our ignorance!!

Sometimes unfortunately humiliation is the source that will force humility and  civility!! It can evoke remorse and actually provoke us to get on a more sustainable course!!  This sounds opposite and a bit harsh but that's the charge we sometimes need to heed our ego and lead our dreams to go!!

Humiliation can be an uncomfortable scene,  but what it means is the feed to our ego has been defeated and unseated!! We must poses the ability to deal with this in a well managed way and lose our ego and than humiliation will go and our positive energies can than flow!!

My style and ride is to be cool on the outside and never overstate my mind!!  A hot fire inside burning, yearning and constantly churning, to keep learning what is so important to me while staying eternally free and constantly pursuing all of my dreams!!