Instinct driven not emotional ridden

We are complicated beings that really over think our means. This mean's that we tend to think to much and this inhibits are stuff. A dog is so instinctual he never has to waste time or energy on a thought process that can sometimes  be utter nonsense!!

The dogs  instinct is a natural occurrence that if we want to change we have to help them relearn it!! Humans and canines share a reaction based on instinct factions but the humans intellectual  mind can sometimes make their instinct a questionable find!! Even though a reaction seems natural a lot of us tend to think about if it was an appropriate action!! That is where confidence can be so important as it can preserve our energy so instead of wasting it on what might have been we conserve it for more positive spin!!

I think we  our often hindered by a regrettable act or behavior that lingers  in our mind and clutters our time!!  We often encounter guilt ridden thoughts because of these negative jaunts!!  That is why I say have no regrets just positive affects!!

Our canine companions probably don't have a guilty emotion they just roll with their instinct because that is their potion!! Because of the capacity of the human mind we our a little harder to define!! Guilt and karma which are both self inflicted, our the biggest harm a negative action can have on us worse than any physical faction we could sanction!!  If you live clean and just find acceptance and tolerance in your mind  of anyone else's jive, you will be free to run wild like a child or dog without any negative thoughts, just unhinged fun because your mind and body will have converged into one!!