1. In A Moment

From the recording In A Moment


In a moment this moment will be a memory!!

Time is life!! What we do with time will define  who we are in our mind!! To realize the importance of time just  reflect back in your mind to some of your most memorable times!! These memories may consists of many emotions but keep them in perspective so you can focus on your objectives!!

We live our lives based on memories!! Weather we have just learned something new  in the past few,  or we reflect back to a much earlier act!!  We form our opinions and ideas from our experiences that we have from another time!! So our memory is like a dream that has formulated ideas and directions that actually guide our  intentions!!

Obviously we shouldn't live in the past but memories will last!! So it's ok to reflect back but we must keep intact and not let it waiver our labor to stay on cue and keep the present in front of you!!

Good thoughts and reflections are what we want in our minds collection!! This can be the motivation we sometimes need to succeed on certain tasks that can seem a little hard to grasp!!

This is the most important aspect of this whole project!! Make sure every minute of your day is used in the most effective way!! Have no regrettable acts so there is no need for any forgettable facts. Because remember in a moment this moment will be a memory and it should always be worthy to be in your treasury of dreams!!