Focus, determination, and aspiration

Life is truly incredible!! Our bodies are machines that amazingly function like a dream!! So complicated and intricate how everything fits and functions together without any conscious effort from us, just behind the scenes with  automatic means!!  Our minds are the steering wheel to our body which is the fine automobile!!

We control where we go in life!!  Other factors always play a role but we must accept them or reject them and steer us clear or near the path that we find most dear!! I like to in some way acknowledge my path everyday and try to take at least one step in that direction and maintain my  connection!!

There are so many distractions that can take our focus away and lead us a stray!! But our ability to not engage a detour or be lured aside on another ride is the determination we need to succeed on our dreams!!

Instant gratification to me is the biggest mistake we can make  that can really skew our whole take!!  My father always said if it seems to good to be true than it is a ruse!! To achieve desired results takes time, effort, and ambition this must be in your intuition!! So our natural reaction should always be to question any instant satisfaction!! This doesn't mean we can't be satisfied we just need to be balanced and temper all of our emotions so we may remained focused and keep our perspective of our ultimate objectives!!

Acknowledge your goals daily and try to put one step in that direction, that will keep your reflection on your ultimate objectives!! Stay on cue and make sure you always do the right thing. That will bring you near your goals and keep your mind, body, and soul combined and whole, as it keeps you free and in total control of your destiny!!